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The Pain

Meet Bernardo Rossi of Mendoza district, Argentina

In his yard, Bernardo is refining one fine brandy, Brandy is his entire life

Bernardo is selling his brandy on farmer's markets. His dream is to reach out to every corner of the globe, using online platforms

Bernardo has a brandy, but he has no brand...

Bernardo knows that with no branding - he will not reah his dream

The cost of building a professiona; brand (30,000$ and up), is standing between Bernardo and his vision

For about 400 million guys like Bernardo (The world bank) we have created Passparto

Ok, so we can find some companies on the internet tat claim to create a logo for 5$ or a brochure for 15$...

None of them can do what Passparto is capable of :

An online professional branding, simple and affordable process that defines the "Brand soul" DNA and all the suitable elements: From name and logo and upto a Facebook page