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Social media requires consistency. Let our automated scheduling system publish the content at the most appropriate times.

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As a professional starting out on your own, promoting a small business on social media channels can be time-consuming and expensive. We are an automated content creation and distribution tool that enables you to create, schedule and post high-quality, engaging social content across key networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When time is of the essence, Passparto is a one-stop-shop for social media marketing that’ll help you promote your business whilst staying focused on what really matters: running it.

We at Passparto acknowledge that Lawyers, Accountants & Insurance Agents require special crae. That’s why we decided on providing our service for them (first…).

Social Platforms

Empowering You To The Max

There’s no question about it, Social media is a key player in every business. Passparto is focus on Facebook & Linkedin – The most dominant of them all.

Understanding Facebook

Passparto's unique insights empower your brand & create your community.

The King of Doing Business

Everybody knows linkedin is the leading platform for doing business, keep in touch with your industry.


What We Offer


We've created specific frequently asked questions for the field you specialize in.


People make business with people. Answer our Questions & Let your audience get to know you.

Dates & Events

From holidays to Welcoming the weekend, Passparto make sure your content stay relevant.


We are developing a powerfull machine learning. So thanks to you, We're getting smarter every day.


Why use different platforms, When you can create, schedule & publish using only one?


Our wizard can use your knowledge & create awesome visual posts in secounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would Passeparto ask me questions in my area of expertise?
Absolutely. We understand the importance of relevant information & work very hard to create value for you and your audiance.
Must I log into my Facebook to post content created by PassParto?
No. Our platform in connected to your account, allowing you to create & manage your content without the need of loging directly to facebook.
Does your service include hashtags?
Yes! hashtages have become an importent tool in facebook, so sit back and relax:)
Can I delete or edit my post?
Yes you can. enter passparto’s dashboard, its east & simple to use.
What about LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks?
We’re on it. subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about Passparto’s progress.
Passparto Tools

Content Create Leads

Content is King, We all know that. Passparto allows you to generate real leads by giving your audience real value. Your journey start by giving away information that helps, Build a relationships with your cosumer before you make a deal.

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